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Perfect Peace

The quality of peace is highly valued.  People have been known historically to take extreme measures in the search for peace.  They still do!  This book addresses the topic of the type of peace that is a  gift from God.  The author promotes the unique completeness of this peace that He grants to mankind.  It comes only from relationship with the Lord.  

As a pastoral counselor the author constantly encountered people who were in need of peace.  Frequently their pain had brought them to desperation.  He also observed the grace of God as it operated to grant peace.  This peace was often received at levels that exceeded  expectations.  That is the nature of peace as it is intended.  This blessing is what is known in Isaiah 26:3 as "perfect peace".

During the experiences mentioned above something happened.  Scriptural principles gradually unfolded!.  These principles became evident and definable.  That process resulted in the title, purpose and motivation for this book  It is intended to encourage and assist readers to benefit from  God's gift of Perfect Peace.