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About the Book

  • The history of this book began when the author was invited to broadcast daily devotionals on local radio.  Response to those broadcasts has ultimately resulted in the publication of this book.  The thoughts expressed in the readings capitalize on the reality of  the Bible in life and life in the Bible.  Readers will be given opportunity to notice ways the scriptures relate to common attitudes, responses and interactions.  Questions are provided at the conclusion of each reading to promote personal reflection and introspection.  Each devotional reading provides example, encouragement and motivation for biblical responses and godly living.  

About the Author

Dr. James R. Hoston

The author brings to these devotional readings a wealth of varied experiences that link to applications of biblical truth.  He is a retired US Army Officer and Viet Nam veteran.  He is also a former psychiatric social worker and then a social work manager.  He founded a private agency for the practice of Christ-centered counseling.  He later transitioned from that to become a pastoral counselor at a local church.  He now serves as the Pastor of Payer at his home church.  Obsevations resulting from these venues have fully confirmed to him that the scriptures are the source and essence of successful living.  He and his wife Rosia have blessed with a marriage of more than 50 years.  They happily reside in southern Arizona delighting in their adult children and grandchildren.